At Ateliers Camus, Our Creations Have Meaning, They Tell A Unique Story And Create Strong Emotions In The Heart.
Of Those Who Are Fortunate Enough To Possess Them.


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Les Ateliers Camus is a bespoke workshop located at the House of Camus headquaters in Cognac. This extraordinary area is the birthplace of our rarissimes and exclusive Cognacs. Within this luxurious area, our VIP customers are also given the opportunity to create their very own Cognac bottles, thanks to the expertise and know-how of our in- house specialistes.


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To pay homage to the economic and social value generated by the Cisneros Family, Camus created a unique piece where the telecommunication tower serves as a reference to the Cisneros main industry, spreading knowledge to the region, while the eye on the bottle represents all the people who did get access to knowledge through the company and the foundation’s work. The words engraved and gold plated on the Baccarat crystal bottle are an extract of the key values and impacts of the company and the family. The cognac inside is a blend of cognacs distilled in the 1940s and in the 1970s, representing Gustavo’s (Chairman) and Adriana’s (CEO) respective generations.


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Jubilee 5.50 expresses the Heritage and Legacy on the occasion of Cyril’s 50th anniversary. His travels forged his resolutely international view of the world and enriched his family heritage, which boasts five generations of entrepreneurs. It is to this perfect alchemy of tradition and innovation that Jubilee 5.50 pays tribute.


The Jubilee 5.50 blend is the culmination of a complex operation aimed at bringing out the organoleptic qualities of five exceptional cognacs, to name one a 1971 Cognac de Petite Champagne distilled 50 years ago and sourced from the family reserve.


Blending titanium and aluminum with fine jewel craft and using high-precision components from the aeronautics and automobile industries, the Jubilee 5.50 line introduces new tasting rituals and ushers Cognac into a new age.





Series of exceptional blends, limited to less than 1,000 pieces each time.

Cuvées are born of our Master Blender’s free access to our most valuable stocks of vintage cognacs, to create the most astonishing blends, one Cuvée at a time.




CUVÉE 4.186*


The box and carafe of the Cuvée

4.186 Électrum are the measure of a project which, spanning the centuries, connects the 1st century and the 21st century,

the past and the present. On one of the stone faces is engraved a quote from Virgil (70-19 BC): “I sing of the harvest, I will say under what sign, / the earth must be opened and the vine married” "4" because it is a blend of "4" powerful, complex and elegant eaux-de-vie. “186” corresponds to the age of the eaux-de-vie.





COLOUR: Amber Gold.


NOSE: Very rich and complex. At first, vanilla and exotic fruity notes change to nuts, like almond and walnut.


TASTE: Candied fruits on the palate open up into cinnamon and woody notes with light woody and spicy flavor. Very delicate

and velvety texture has a long-lasting taste.